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Dermal Fillers & Fat Dissolve

Plan Your Visit

Plan ahead. If you have a big event that you’re trying to look great for make sure you give yourself plenty of healing time. We recommend allowing 2-3 weeks for your cosmetic injectables to settle in. If you are a first timer we recommend 3-4 weeks prior to your event.

 Have realistic expectations. Do not expect to have Kylie Jenner lips when you leave your first session. It may take more than 1 session to get to the desired look. 0.5 – 2 ml of filler can be administered per area, per appointment, up to 2 locations. If additional treatments are required you may come back in 2-3 weeks for another treatment.

Advantages of the HyaPen

vs. Traditional Fillers


No needles

Less bruising and swelling

Less infection and allergic reactions

No numbing required

Minimal side effects

Far less downtime

Less invasive procedure

Most patients can return to work the same day

Significant cost difference

* Before Your Appointment *

To ensure the best results, please follow these guidelines:

  • Do not take any aspirin, ibuprofen or similar products (Advil, Motrin, Aleve) for one week prior to procedure.

  • Avoid fish oil, Vitamin E, and gingko biloba for 1 week prior to this procedure.

  • Eat spinach, kale and celery the week before to boost your levels of Vitamin K.

  • Hyaluronic acid tend to be the most temporary option, and therefore are often recommended for first-time clients. The results will typically last 3-4 months, and injections to the lips will wear out a little faster than those to the nasolabial folds.


* Keep in mind that results may vary and have realistic expectations *


this treatment is not recommended if the following applies:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Inflammation or breakouts to area being treated

  • Cancer

  • Kidney Damage, Diseases or Problems.

  • Liver Damage, Diseases or Problems.

  • Acute Inflammatory Processes

  • Hemorrhagic Disease, Trauma or Bleeding

  • Abnormal Immune System, Diabetes

  • Under 18 years of age

Treatment Frequency

Filler Treatments


  • Lip Filler - initial build up can be done every 2-3 weeks to add more volume; every 3 months thereafter

  • Every 3 months until desired look is achieved depending on area

  • Maintenance every 3-6+ months depending on area 

Fat Dissolve Treatments 

  • Every 10-14 days

  • 3-4 session for initial results

  • 6 sessions max per area

  • 2 treatment sites per visit

Aftercare Advice

Immediately after your treatment there may be slight redness, swelling, tenderness, and a mild itching sensation in the treated area, as well as some slight bruising. This generally goes away in a day or two.


  • Apply cool (not cold) compress to the treated area

  • Stay hydrated- drink lots of water

  • Avoid Strenuous activity and extreme temperatures for 24-48 hours

  • Anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen (ie. Advil, Alieve) and blood thinners (ie. Asprin). You may take acetaminophen such as Tylenol

  • Take or apply Arnica to help with bruising and swelling

  • Sleep slightly elevated

  • Drink WATER not carbonated just plain water. The more you are hydrated the less your body will absorb your filler

  • Wait at least 2 weeks before any facial treatments

  • Wear compression to the area (for Fat Dissolve treatments)

  • **If you have your lips done avoid sexual activity for at least 48 hours 😉

Untitled design.png

HyaPen Fillers

30-45 min | $225 per syringe


Lasts up to 3-6 months

Needle free and non-invasive infusion can be used to create volume, shape and lift in many areas of the face.


Treatment areas:

  • Lips

  • Forehead wrinkles

  • Nasolabial lines

  • Marionette lines

  • Frown/11 lines between the eyebrows


Facial Fat Dissolve

30-45 min | $225

Requires 3-4 session, 10-14 days apart

Needle free infusion can be used to reduce unflattering and stubborn areas of fat and cellulite without the need for liposuction or surgery. 


Treatment Areas:

  • Double Chin

  • Jowls


Body Fat Dissolve 

45 min | $275 per vial

Requires 3-4 session, 10-14 days apart

Needle free infusion can be used to reduce unflattering and stubborn areas of fat and cellulite without the need for liposuction or surgery. 


Treatment Areas:

  • Stomach

  • Thighs

  • Arms

  • Bra Fat

  • Love Handles

  • Banana Roll (under buttocks)

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