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Facial Treatments

​skinSPArations has made it easy for you to schedule  a facial  so all you have to do is choose the amount of time, and we partner to create a customized protocol designed to improve the integrity of your skin.

*Please mention in notes/messages section (at the bottom) when booking which modalities you're interested in*

Current Modalities & Treatments:

Chemical Peel | Enzyme Peel | Hydro Microdermabrasion | Dermaplaning | Hydro Resurfacing | Extractions | Ultrasonic | Microcurrent | LED Light Therapy | Eye and Lip Treatments | Facial Massage | Neck & Shoulder Massage | Keratin Hand & Foot Treatment | Décolleté Treatment | Traditional, Sheet & Jelly Masques | Oxygen Mist | Fusion Plasma | Peptide Treatment | Korean V-Line Face Lift | Korean sculPLLA Filler Treatment | Korean Oxyjet Treatment | Korean Melasma/Pigmentation Treatment | Illumi Lift & Glow Treatment

No More Guessing - No More Extra Add-Ons
Everything is 100% Customized & Included

30 min | $ 79

60 min | $ 135

90 min | $ 165

90 min | $ 179

  • How do I prep for my appointment?
    Arrive with clean & mascara free lashes. No eye makeup. No strip lash glue. Clean lashes. If you’ve had a lash lift recently, it’s best to wait at 10 days or let your lift grow out completely if possible
  • What is my After Care?
    Keep lashes dry and away from any moisture for 24 hours. This includes saunas, steam rooms, tanning beds and anywhere with high levels of humidity. Use oil-free products around your lashes (makeup and skincare products). Try not to sleep on your face. You can use eye masks made to protect your lashes. Clean lashes daily (even if you don’t wear eye makeup). We offer a gentle lash cleaning kit for purchase! Do not pick or pull the lashes. Avoid aggressively rubbing your eyes Do not use mascara unless specially formulated for extensions. Schedule a fill every 3 weeks, or sooner if you need to
  • What are the most popular styles?
  • What's the difference between Classic, Hybrid and Volume?"
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