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Microblading & Tattoo Eyebrows - Aftercare

Microblading and Semi-permanent cosmetics after care is very important to the appearance and longevity of your new eyebrows. Please read the following eyebrow aftercare carefully as they apply to all of our eyebrows treatments: Microblading, Powder Brows, and Combo Brows.

What to expect during the healing process.

Day 1 Following Appointment.

Absorb Excess Fluid. For the first few hours after your microblading or tattoo appointment, gently blot the treated area with clean tissue to absorb excess lymph fluid. Do this until oozing has stopped. Removing this fluid prevents buildup and scabbing.

Days 2-10 Following Appointment

Wash Eyebrows. For about 2 to 10 days following your microblading or tattoo service, make sure to wash your eyebrows gently (patting motion, not rubbing) each morning and night with water and an antibacterial soap such as Dial or a Cetaphil Cleanser. With a very light touch, use your fingertips to gently cleanse the eyebrows. Cleanse the area in a smooth motion for about 10 seconds and rinse with water ensuring that all soap is rinsed away. Gently pat to dry, with a clean tissue. Do NOT use any cleansing products containing acids (glycolic, lactic, or AHA), or any exfoliants. Do NOT allow your brows to get wet outside of gently washing them twice a day.

Days 3-10 Following Appointment

Moisturize Microbladed or Tattooed Area. Apply a rice grain amount of aftercare ointment with a cotton swab and spread it across the treated area. Be sure not to over-apply, as this will suffocate your skin and delay the healing process. The ointment should be barely noticeable on the skin. Never put the ointment on while your eyebrows are wet or damp. Apply your healing balm according to your esthetician’s advice. If you have excessively oily skin, you may not need to use healing balm at all. For those with dry skin, balm can be used up to 2-3 times a day. Experience has shown that by following the after-care instructions above, side effects may quickly disappear. Remember, AWM - Absorb, Wash, Moisturize and you should be covered.


Please follow the microblading aftercare instructions listed above and below for 10-14 days following your service with skinSPArations to improve and prolong the results of your brows. If you experience ANY unexpected problems or side effects with the healing of the skin following your microblading or tattoo appointment, please contact me immediately to discuss further instructions.

I can be reached on by phone: 920-216-5338 or by email:


Microblading & Tattoo Aftercare

  • When showering, keep your face away from the shower head. You may apply a thin layer of A&D ointment or Vaseline                                    

  • Do not soak the treated area in the bath, pool or hot tub. Refrain from swimming in salt water or a chlorinated pool until fully healed (30 days). No saunas or hot yoga for 30 days.                    

  • When exercising, wear a sweatband to avoid sweat on brow area. No strenuous exercise for 7 -10 days.    

  • Do not expose treated area to direct sunlight or tanning. After healed (30 days), use a sunscreen to avoid fading from the sun. Sun exposure might cause the color pigment to fade away more quickly.

  • Itching and flaking may appear during the first seven days following your microblading or tattoo procedure. Do not pick at the brows. The flakes must fall off on their own or you will risk removing the color and possibly scarring.    

  • Avoid touching your brows and be mindful of sleeping on your back until your brows have healed. You may apply a thin layer of A&D ointment or Vaseline for an extra layer of protection                                                            

  • No makeup should be applied directly on the brows during the healing process.   

  • If your eyebrows get wet during the healing process, pat them dry with a towel, DO NOT RUB. 

  • If you are having an MRI scan, please inform your doctor that you have had microblading/semi-permanent makeup done.

  • If you are planning a chemical peel, or any other medical procedure, please inform your therapist of the procedure you have had. This type of procedure should only be done once the healing process from microblading is complete.             

  • If you are due to give blood after the procedure, please inform your nurse about the microblading treatment you have had as this might alter the results. 


Please refer back to the After Care Kit provided at your appointment for instructions. Basic after care products are included with your service that should last you 10-14 days. If you require additional products, please feel free to contact me directly for recommendations and suggestions.



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